About Us

Seven Dunes Travel and Tourism LLC is a tour company based in the Emirates. We bring you some of the best travel experiences to ensure you explore Dubai in the most extraordinary way while being entertained to the fullest. We combine sightseeing and adventure excursions in one of a kind elements of Dubai and UAE to get the first-rate of those places inside the envisioned time. We believe that tours, stories, and exposure to the world’s numerous cultures are the keys to expertise, tolerance, and happiness. Through the years, we have had the little satisfaction of sharing adventures with loads of hundreds of particular site visitors, every bringing an exquisite global to us. collectively we maintain antique traditions, experience lovely herbal phenomena, extraordinary structure, and thrilling sports activities, and laugh together around bonfires under celebrities. There are friendly and compassionate guides who will be cheerful to go with you on your journey with us, putting the safety and joy of our clients first. We strictly follow all government safety regulations and have linked the safety equipment of our vehicles to our competent first aid staff. There are proficient drivers who can drive in the desert sands of Dubai. Once you are with us, your safety is our priority. To supply quality services that surpass the desires of our prestigious clients and to be recognized collectively as the foremost compelling travel administration firm in a topographical locale for our polished skill, proficiency, prime quality stock, and customized administrations, supply quality services that surpass the desires of our prestigious clients and to be recognized.

What we Offer?

We provide our travelers a wide selection of cautiously organized excursion programs providing glimpses of the Arabian barren region. We provide an array of barren region safari tours starting from day-long desert safaris to city trips, from experience visits to precipitous valleys to organized buying visits is more prominent. we have a crew of specialized tourism experts who take into account that the right arrangements and consummate customer services are critical to making sure that our traffic enjoy their trips to the fullest and for that reason, we make sure that you get the high-quality services and preparations.

you can pick out from the handfuls of visiting options, every emphasizing a unique issue of the Arabian land of Dubai and nearby areas. however, if you are seeking out custom-designed tour packages, we assist you in layout a satisfactory bundle consistent with your preference of inclusions and exclusions. we are able to embody bespoke services in step with your necessities on your tour package by customizing your bundle in keeping with your preference for lodging, car, meals, and adventure activities. We follow a dedication to delivering the uppermost excellence in our offerings at the same time as making our vacationers happy with the general revel.


We involve the most effective of our advisers to help our guests, they ’re trained and are apprehensive of the
most recent trends and new services. so you get professed platoon to support and guide you for your trip

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